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WSR Slot Rally

Our custom built WSR Slot Rally is a single lane looped stage rally with a technical infield, drift corners, Goodwood chicane, a flyover and fast straights. With a 3.8 x 1.8 footprint it's ideal for all sorts of events and fairs.

The fastest lap takes the title! The challenge is to get on the leaderboard... The first 12 laps are recorded on the board, then it's a knockout competition with the fastest laps replacing the slowest lap times. It's all about the lap times! All laps are recorded electronically. We run a PA system giving times and real time co-plait navigational tips just like a real rally car.


Certificates are awarded for the top 12 fastest lap times and every time they get on the leaderboard. The fastest lap gets a prize. Every competitor gets their best lap time recorded on a sticker. Children love our WSR lap time stickers, adults too.

Hairpin hard right, flatout, steady into the hammerhead, down the isn't straight, passed the bales of hey... Can you top our leader board?

Race of Champions 

Built by a slot racing enthusiast. It is a representation of the Race of Champions held in Wembley Stadium in 2008. It was lovingly created with great attention to detail. 


Crafted in MDF with copper braid, measuring 3.6 x 1x8 footprint made in 3 sections. Each lane is controlled by a vairable power supply. The circuit has a computerized timing system.

It is a fun circuit to drive, really smooth, flows well and the bridge can even be jumbed with the car landing in the slot most of the time. The cars start in different lanes they do not race side by side (if you don't understand or have never seen ROC before please google to familiarise yourself).

Can you top our leader board?

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Wirral Slot Racing

Vale Park,

The Coach House,

Magazine Lane,


CH45 1LZ.




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